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Life in the Department




Work Environment

The legend has it that the city of Bucharest was founded on the banks of the Dambovita River by a shepherd named Bucur, whose name literarily means “joy.” First mentioned in 1459 as one of the residences of Vlad Tepes, by the end of the 17th century, the city had become the capital of the United Principalities of Muntenia and Moldavia by 1859. In 1881, Bucharest became the capital of the Romanian Kingdom, and later, in 1918, of the entire Romanian nation.

Remodeled in the late 19th century by French-trained architects, the city features large neoclassical buildings, fashionable parks, and even its very own Arc de Triomphe on the elegant Soseaua Kiseleff. Bucharest is laden with historical charm – from the streets of the Old City Center, which are slowly being restored, to the grand architecture of the Royal Palace and the lush green of the Cismigiu and Herastrau Parks. The city also claims a large number of museums, art galleries, exquisite Orthodox churches and unique architectural sites.

The weather in Bucharest exhibits both continental and subtropical influences. The winters can be windy with temperatures often dipping below 0°C (32°F), and sometimes as low as −20°C (−4°F). In summer, the average temperature is 23°C (73°F), with highs frequently reaching 35 to 40°C (95 to 104°F) in the city center. In spring and autumn, daytime temperatures vary between 17 to 22°C (63 to 72°F), and precipitation during this time tends to be higher than in summer, with more frequent yet milder periods of rain.

Social Events

The members of the Computer Science and Engineering Department, together with our students and friends, frequently take part in numerous social events and sporting competitions such as Biking Trips, Treasure Hunts, Lan-Parties, Skating and Bridge Contests, and also organize an Annual Departmental Team-building trip in the Romanian Countryside, in places such as Predeal, Valea Doftanei, Vulcan or Bran.
Prima Evadare 2013
Concursuri Student Contests

Our Students take part in numerous competitions, and coordinated by dedicated colleagues, have obtained excellent results in both National and International Hardware and Software contests such as the ACM Programming Contest, The Eurobot Challenge, Suceava Hard & Soft, The Freescale Cup, Robotic Footbal, the IEEE Computer Society, Microsoft Imagine Cup, Intel Accelerate Your Code, NVidia and AMD Programming Challenges, and many more.
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