Facultatea de Auomatica si CalculatoareFacultatea de Auomatica si Calculatoare

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Reconfigurable Digital Systems Laboratory

The main goal of the Reconfigurable Digital Systems Laboratory is promoting researches in reconfigurable hardware implementation of algorithms and other research areas related to hardware design. The latest technologies from worldwide leaders like Xilinx, Mentor Graphics or Synplicity are used in teaching ourselves and our students for the next technological wave.
The Reconfigurable Digital Systems Laboratories are locateted in the CSIT laboratory (EG206), ED220 and EF001. 

We believe that the applications which can be found on this site will be a good start for anybody that wants to learn about reconfigurable digital systems.

Read more on our website at: http://rdsl.csit-sun.pub.ro/

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Eng. Decebal Popescu

Team: Nirvana Popescu, Cornel Popescu, Vlad Ciobanu, Dan Tudose, Laurentiu Duca, 

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