Facultatea de Auomatica si CalculatoareFacultatea de Auomatica si Calculatoare

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Fundamental and specialized education of our students is conforming with the education plans approved by the Senate of University Politehnica of Bucharest. In the first two years the plans of studies of the two fields are 80% the same. The aim is to ensure the necessary fundamental knowledge specific to the higher technical education through courses of Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics, Numerical Computing Techniques, Electrotechnics, Systems Theory. Also in the first two years of studies apart from general knowledge on systems and computer science students are taught programming languages (C, C++, Java, Assembling, Object-oriented Programming) and they also further their knowledge in foreign languages.
The fields of study include many specializations, in which the students follow mandatory courses that define the profile of specialization as well as optional courses which offers the opportunity of individual specialized training through specific disciplines in the educational plans of years III and IV. Specializations offered by the Faculty of Automatics and Computer Science are: Automatics and Systems Engineering, Automatics and Applied science, Computer Architecture, Built-in Systems, Systems of Basic Programs, Systems of Software Applications Programs, Information Technology.
Automatic Control and Computer Science and Engineering Study Plans[.pdf]
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