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Software Projects Management

Course Instructor: Costin Anton Boiangiu

The course aims to provide an overview of the role, methods of management and work responsibilities involved in a project manager in software development. The course requires no prior knowledge of management techniques and is dedicated to students wishing to develop their skills, styles and approaches in this area. The course requires basic knowledge of the analysis programs and algorithms. In the MPS course focus is on developing a complex software during a semester in a team of 11-13 students. This project aims the implementation of the theoretical concepts taught in the course and developed in the laboratory. The course aims at achieving the following specific competences Provide students an understanding of issues, success factors and risks associated with projects in software development. To introduce students to the role and purpose of project management. To explain the stages and processes of the life cycle of a project. Define the various techniques of planning and project management software. Examine the basic methodologies in designing, developing, testing and deployment software. To examine various management techniques to software development teams. Provide necessary and appropriate techniques for management of users and their expectations. Students learn to use planning techniques and software architecture development and product lifecycle.


  • Introduction.
  • Overview of project management.
  • Planning stage.
  • Budget management.
  • Management development.
  • Software testing.
  • Project evaluation.
  • Control projects.
  • Contract management.
  • People management.
  • Final stages of the project.
  • Unified Modeling Language (UML).
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