Technical and Scientific Writing

Course Instructor: Emil-Ioan Slusanschi

Lecture Description:

The ability of students to document and present their work in a meaningful and convincing way is one of the top three skills that IT recruiters currently list as requiring improvement in the training offered by the Computer Science Department to its students. The Technical and Scientific Writing lecture is designed to offer students the possibility to develop and improve these skills, using interactive techniques and practical hands-on activities. 


The  lecture will offer students the opportunity to improve their writing and presentation skills on technical subjects. At the end of the lecture, students will be able to design, implement and deliver a technical presentation, to elaborate a scientific paper, a state-of-the-art survey, a scientific or commercial poster, and will also be able to draft the essential points of a research project proposal. Finally, the students will learn how to formally evaluate and review scientific papers, poster, and project research proposals.

Presentation Skills