Third place at Digilent Design Contest

The 15th edition of the Digilent Design contest in Cluj brought the 3rd place for our team (formed by third-year bachelor students):
  •  Ionascu Andrei;
  •  Cojocaru Marin - Mircea;
  •  Bitire Catalin - Constantin.
Professor Decebal Popescu, from our department, has been the Dedicated Adviser for our team. 

Here is a short clip with the  Zybo Autonomous Car.

20 teams were selected to present the project in the semi-finals phase in Cluj and only 8 teams entered the finals.
1st place - Technical University of Vienna
2nd place - Technical University of Cluj
3rd place - Polytechnic University of Bucharest
The jury was formed of:
2 specialists from Digilent - USA;
2 industry specialists - one from Taiwan;
2 academics
It is a very good result given the large complexity of the projects presented and the fact that the second place occupants are at the second participation.
A very good result in the fact that at this contest there is no differentiation between bachelor student, master student or Ph.D. student.