Articles accepted at CHI’19 conference

Two articles written by colleagues from our department have been presented at a top conference - CHI'19 (A * Conference, ranked first in the world between HCI conferences and journals).

The articles are the following:
  1. Reusable Virtual Training and Evaluation Solutions for Sensory Substitution Devices. CHI'19 Hacking Blind Navigation Workshop, May 2019. Authors: Alin Moldoveanu, Oana Bălan, Gabriel Ivănică, Iulia Stănică, Silviu Ivaşcu, Florica Moldoveanu, Maria-Iuliana Dascălu, Daniel Flamaropol, Anca Morar
  2. Challenges for ML-based Emotion Recognition Systems in Medicine. A Human-Centered Approach. CHI'19 Human-Centered Machine Learning Perspectives Workshop, May 2019. Authors: Oana Balan, Gabriela Moise, Alin Moldoveanu, Marius Leordeanu, Florica Moldoveanu
The second article is part of a new research direction, treating phobias using adaptive virtual + gaming spaces and AI elements.
Although incipient, the first results have already been published/accepted in top journals and conferences.
The funding was provided by CORNET project (Provably Correct Networks - ERC Starting Grant funded by the European Comision) of our colleague Associate Professor Costin Raiciu.

The first article shows a glimpse of Sound of Vision project. Other beautiful papers from this project have been published and are being published. More importantly, it has been completed with a TRL 7 prototype that has been extensively tested/used by 45 blind people, with very encouraging results, and we want to obtain a finished product.

Sound of Vision received the Best Tech-for-Society Project Award, awarded by the European Commission in the Innovation Radar 2018 competition, among thousands of European research projects (thanks to those who voted us in order to get to the final, where the hierarchy was made by an expert committee). In this  Horizon 2020 project UPB played the role of scientific and technical coordinator, and the team included: Alin Moldoveanu, Florica Moldoveanu, Anca Morar, Victor Asavei, Oana Balan, Maria Dascalu (FILS), Alexandru Gradinaru, Cristi Tranca and many former or current masters or PhD students - Gabriel Ivanica, Lucian Petrescu, Iulia Stanica, Silviu Ivascu, Andrei Ciobanu, Daniel Flamaropol, Octavian Georgescu, Ana-Karina Nazare, Bogdan Taloi.